Russia’s Far East conjures up ideas of heavy snow, ice and even bears for many. And so it should with it’s proximity to Alaska and the top of the globe ? it’s an icy, snow filled delight. But the Far East is more than just snow and natural beauty ? it’s a bustling economy and a historically rich area. This means it has something to offer virtually everyone.

The Far East is that portion of Russia which is situated between the Siberian Federal District and the Pacific Ocean. It is quite an expansive area which is divided up into approximately ten territories. Some of the Major cities in the Far East are Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Nikolayevsk, Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The Far East is also sometimes called the ‘Far Eastern Federal District’.

Many of the cities are situated along the coast and have very busy harbors. You will often see them filled with the activities of both naval and commercial vessels. Trade is good and there is a lot of importing and exporting. Life here seems to be very laid back for the average tourist ? plenty to see and do with very few hassles. There are museums to see and shops to visit, as well as a wonderful array of foods to taste and sample at very reasonable prices which can be found at any of the many restaurants available. If you enjoy night-time activities, there is a very active nightlife available too. A big effort has been made to reduce crime in this area which means that tourists are relatively safe.

If you prefer to get away from the excitement and bustle of the cities, the wildlife refuges in the area are a popular choice. Wrangel Island, if you can gain access to it, has been a protected reserve since 1974. It is known world-wide for its polar bears, walrus, musk ox and tundra geese. However, there are many more animals to be seen here such as puffins, cormorants and reindeer.